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  • Where Do You Want to Be?

    Where Do You Want to Be?

    Where do you want to be? Knowing where you want to be starts with understanding where you are and why change is needed or desired.

  • Name It!

    Name It!

    It is the issue, problem, concern, idea or simple feeling we have while we ramble, get emotional and spin into endless POP psychological or self-therapy.

  • Moments of Possibility

    Moments of Possibility

    Moments of possibility, we tend to think of what could be as a future goal, something that is still out of reach. What if what could be was right now?

  • Darkness Will Not Stop Me (Part 2)

    Darkness Will Not Stop Me (Part 2)

  • Personal Best

    Personal Best

    Do you remember the last time you felt like you were at your ‘personal best’? There always seems to be room for improvement.

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CARE Initiative

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Having a personal support system (could be a team, a few people - friends/co-workers - to hold you accountable, a few coaches/mentors) has a powerful effect on our leadership abilities and skills. What is the best way to describe your support system?

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