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  • Adventures in Leadership

    Adventures in Leadership

    As Bob David would say...Stop being a boss and start being a leader who builds cultures!

  • Perspective on Public Statements

    Perspective on Public Statements

    Sitting during the National Anthem is no big deal

  • The Deep End

    The Deep End

    Thinking about the deep, dark places that we can get stuck in as humans is kind of a strange thing to be doing on a beautiful summer day, is it not? Perhaps it is proof that some of the negativity that is running rampant in our political process.

  • The Inelegant Art

    The Inelegant Art

    For some reason people seem to be less in the mood to compromise than ever but in a world full of people writing contracts, and reading the fine print, it is still the handshake that makes the relationships work.

  • The Letter

    The Letter

    I remember writing lots of letters as a teenager growing up in Methuen, Mass. I had a long- distance romance with a heartthrob from Maryland, and the mailbox and I became conditional friends.

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CARE Initiative

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