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The Priority Learning team is certified to administer the CPI® 260 leadership personality test

(individually and from your personal space at work or at home)

We, at Priority Learning, are certified to administer and coach/mentor leaders through this deep and complex leadership development tool.

What is the CPI 260 Assessment?

“The CPI 260 (California Psychological Inventory®) is a sophisticated personality assessment that provides deep and complex insights for use in executive recruitment and leadership development.

The CPI 260 personality assessment provides a distinctive view of people applying for or incumbent in leadership positions in organizations. Using a sophisticated technique to extract detailed insights about someone’s personality, it is able to summarize and explain how other people would see that person, and how others would judge their leadership style. In this way, it provides a unique view of leadership ability or potential that cannot be accessed by most other personality assessments.

Most popular reasons to assess:

  • Talent identification and selection
  • Leadership development

The benefits are that the CPI260:

  • Measures work-related characteristics, motivations and thinking styles using 26 individually researched trait measures
  • Gives feedback on how the individual measures up against 18 leadership competencies, showing which are their strengths and development areas
  • Looks at individual motivation and current level of satisfaction
  • Have reports aimed at the qualified professional give full details of all the results
  • Have reports aimed at the leader give a comprehensive run-down of their performance against a series of competencies, written in the direct and accessible language of a respected peer

The CPI 260 instrument is exceptional in its refined approach to gathering information. Because of the way it is designed, it can deliver information about a person that is less obvious, or of which the respondent themselves may be unaware, ensuring that a recruiting manager or executive coach is able to really get to know their candidate or coachee. This approach also means that the tool is highly resistant to faking, as the questions are not obviously related to the qualities they measure.


We know that people in senior leadership positions have often already experienced personality assessments and may be skeptical about their usefulness. The CPI 260 is especially resonant for people at senior levels because it can highlight contrasts between a person’s own perception of themselves, and the views of others around them. Validated against a group of high-performing senior managers, the CPI 260 gets at what a leader’s peers are likely to think about their leadership style, and how the individual rates against specific competencies known to predict leadership success.”


How do we administer the CPI 260?

  • We send the CPI 260 link to the leader, potential leader, a team of leaders that includes instructions to complete.
  • The leader completes the assessment and we get the notification that it has been completed.
  • We review the assessment and schedule an online video chat to go over the two report they receive as an attachment through email.

The process:

  1. Is affordable and confidential.
  2. We do not give advice unless asked.
  3. We encourage the leader to find his/her own solutions to their challenges as well as concentrate on their strengths.
  4. We schedule as many video meetings as needed.
  5. The cost is $650 per person and that includes the assessment and professional coaching/mentoring for up to four hourly-video meetings.


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