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Associate Series


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The Associates Series for People of Potential is designed for new and aspiring employees who demonstrate the potential to grow into leadership positions. The series consists of seven full workshop days over five months and provides the basics of professionalism and good management skills. There are assignments between sessions to enhance growth while going through this series. 

Learning Elements and Tools:

Discovery of Power

What leaders do

Myers-Briggs overview

Adult Learning Principles

MBTI: Extraversion vs. Introversion

Relationship Building

Mentor Selection

Leadership Communications

Leading Up, Down, and Across

Skills and Behaviors 

Supervisory Theory and Core Skills

Theory X vs. Y

Management vs. Leadership

MBTI: Sensing vs. iNtuition

Leading through Influence—Motivating Others

Professional Image and Self Discipline

Values, Actions, and Beliefs

Visibility and Credibility

MBTI: Thinking vs. Feeling

Appreciative Inquiry

Self Awareness—Johari Window

Employee Life Cycle

Ideal Personal Future



The above elements can be applied immediately. All have real-life exercise/s, are discussed thoroughly, and we encourage all participants to plan how they will apply the tools immediately with their own employees between sessions as well as setting immediate goals and execution.



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Associate Series

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