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Fee Schedule 2020

We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients save money and we have created a fee schedule that may fit within your organization’s budget. We design and offer many employee and leadership development projects, offering every leadership skill that focusses on all levels in an organization. We have three major lines of business that we offer to fulfill the achievement and support your employees may need:

  • Onsite workshops tailored to fit the developmental needs from relationship building for all employees (learning how to deal with conflict, change, decisions, and stress in the workplace) to the executive/senior level (great discussions about recent trends and delivering forums). Most organizations opt for the three to eight-day workshops spread out over three weeks to a month apart.

  • Public workshop series we have designed from the Associate People of Potential to the Exec-utive Levels, all at least three weeks apart. We have seven in-between leadership develop-ment series (besides the two mentioned above) that focusses on skills that are necessary to improve or become great leaders. Most of our workshop series are seven days, three weeks apart (with the exception of a couple of series). We have as many as 10 different companies sending their employees to each of our ten series that we offer. The participants who attend love spending time with other leaders and potential leaders, which results in becoming a net-working and friendly group of leaders who keep in touch and use each other as resources.

  • Cultural business environments are very important to their success and profitability. Having employees who feel invested in their organization because they are heard, encouraged to give feedback and ideas for improvement, willing to support others to help them be success-ful, and educate themselves to higher levels of leadership are the major elements. Turnover goes down considerably and organizations save money, as well as make more money due to happy and productive employees.

Fee Schedule and Services

In-House Half-Day Sessions
(Can be at PL or the organization)
In-House Full-Day Ses-sions
(Can be at PL or the or-ganization)
Cultural In-House InitiativesPublic Work-shop Series At PLWe include the following for our services…
$1800 each half day for up to 15 people.
You can use our office at PL, or we can facili-tate at your office
$3500 each full day for up to 15 people.
You can use our office at PL, or we can facilitate at your office
$7500 each month for 12 months.
Process each month:
  • Monthly Cultural Steering Team Meetings, which include prep and material needed each month
  • Half and Full-Day sessions for senior manag-ers, middle man-agers and all employee work-shops
  • Coaching and mentoring upon request
$3000 per person, depending on how many are sent to a series.
If you plan to send multiple participants to a series, we will take $500 off per person
  • Notebooks
  • Materials
  • Assessments
  • Food (if work-shops are at PL)
  • Resources pertaining to topics
  • Personal coaching when needed
  • Travel to and from off-site workshops and initiatives

Examples of Priority Learning Fee Retainers

Here’re some examples of how to use us on a retainer basis, which is the total fee for the services needed, divided by 12:

  • Five in-house half-day workshops, three full-day in-house workshops and send two people to a public series would be $24,500, which would be $2042 per month at the time we start.
  • Ten people to a public workshop series would be $25,000 (the multiple partici-pants’ reduction applies), which would be $2083 per month at the time we start.
  • Cultural initiatives have many arms to maneuver and has a $90,000 annual fee structure within a 12-month period (or $7500 per month): Cultural Surveys and Reporting, Cultural Steering Team readiness, Crew Teams readiness for im-portant strategies, and developmental growth/learning at all levels in the organ-ization. The savings for this initiative is beneficial because the organization can send people to a public workshop series at no extra cost, plus we are available to all employees who need us for whatever reason without worrying about extra costs whenever they pick up a phone or email us for help or support.

Most importantly, if a client wants to stop the services for whatever reason, we simply stop the monthly retainer, making sure whoever is attending public work-shops completes his/her attendance.

Please contact for all inquiries:

Lorraine Twombly at or call 207-653-2552

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