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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI is the world's most widely used Personality inventory report and breaks down an individual's personality preference into a four-letter profile. The four-letter profile preference categories are based on four exclusive categories: Extroversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuitive, Thinking vs. Feeling and Judging vs. Perceiving. The MBTI is a great first step into understanding your preferences play out in a team and personal environment.


This new MBTI Step II report provides an in-depth personalized account of your preferences by providing a detailed description of 20 facets or subscales. The Step II tool will help you explore to the next level by identifying ways you use particular facets, giving more clarity and understanding to the questions we often wonder, such as, "Why does her profile say she is Introverted but she is always talking in group conversations?" During the four-hour, half-day workshop, we will explore the four-letter MBTI profile and dig deeper into the Step II report. Our objectives will be:


  • Increase self-awareness and confirm self-perception.
  • Discover and appreciate normal differences (the diversity) in others regarding:
    • How we like to gather information
    • How we make decisions
    • The lifestyles we choose
    • How we act under stress (inferior function)
    • How we work with others
  • Introduce the 20 facets of the Step II report as a way to leverage strengths
  • Explore your MBTI Step II to continue personalized growth.

For individuals:
Cost per person is $325, which includes a comprehensive online assessment with professional reporting and personal coaching.

For groups or teams: For up to 15 people, Priority Learning will conduct a half-day workshop for $2500, which includes a comprehensive online assessment with professional reporting and personal coaching.

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