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Priority Learning Newsletter May 2021 Newsletter

Update from Priority Learning!

Ralph, Craig, Mary and I are very excited to announce that we are changing our series from 5- to 8- day workshops to 10-day workshops within a year’s time (keeping July and December open for vacations and holidays) and we plan to start in August of this year.

The series we are offering will start in August, 2021 until the following June, 2022. They will start again in August, 2022 and so on.

  • Women’s Leadership – because it’s very popular and we have tons of material accumulated to help women be more accomplished and confident as leaders.
  • Executive Leadership – also popular and execs have a place to go and be with senior managers from Maine businesses to share ideas and network.
  • Associate POP and Direct – our most popular series and we thought we’d combine this series so that people of potential can choose their best focus all the way to mid-level managers and supervisors who need certain elements of development.
  • Influence and Performance Coaching will also become a 10-month series and we will combine these (like we are doing with POP and Direct).

How people can sign up – marketing emails will be sent out within a few weeks outlining our schedules:

  • Choose the leadership elements that will help with their development throughout the year.
  • Choose all 10 days of a particular series to start a path for advancement and growth.
  • Choose a workshop day from various series, if applicable, not just the one series that is offered.
  • PL can help people choose the best workshops within any series that may help chart career paths and levels of leadership.

The best news about this is that if someone misses a crucial day, there will be another time to attend in the next round of each series.

Working on two more starting in 2022 (hopefully, January):

  • The Leadership Maker – based on Ralph’s book – a Fieldbook will be part of this 10-month series and we look forward to seeing how this goes – new horizons/adventure on this one that I am really excited about.
  • Leadership and Culture – this series focusses on changing the organization’s culture – step by step – soup to nuts - all the way and may become a 20-month if we do this right. This one will take a while to start up as Ralph’s working on the cultural book right now –a Fieldbook for this one also. At least that’s the hope for now.

That’s it for now and we welcome comments and/or feedback about our new format!

Next up is Ralph’s next section of his book from The Leadership Maker…enjoy and thank you reading!!


Increasing Meeting Participation

If you feel like your meetings are not productive enough because people won’t or can participate, the people in your meetings are unprepared or after meeting conversation are bigger then the meeting itself, the problem might lie in your preparation. What follows are some ideas about ways you can ensure inclusion.

Some easy remedies for meetings and ensuring inclusion: 

Ask your people what they want to know, hear, or be a part of, that will satisfy their need for inclusion. If you want to get the most from the introverts in your group, share an agenda in advance. As an introverted leader, I know how frustrating it can be when someone invites me to a meeting and doesn’t tell me how to ‘bring my smarts’.

I had a client who neglected to provide an agenda to me every time a meeting was set up and it made my job more difficult. If that client had given me the reason to attend the meeting with time to consider the topic, my participation would have been much higher. It would have benefited both of us. The client’s style and expectation for me was that I would be quick and smart.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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