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What Is Organizational Development?

We define Organizational Development (OD) as the positive growth and development of organizations (companies) using the ability and willfulness of the people and various groups in those organizations. Vital companies move forward each day ahead of the competition. They improve the quality of the work they do, gain financially, serve customers or clients, and enhance the lives of employees. They are good citizens in their communities. This is a lot of work for companies and it cannot be done without the dedication and good work of people.

What We do!

Priority Learning is an Organizational Development company focused on the people aspect of work. Leaders, employees, customers, clients, vendors and stakeholders are all part of the success or failure of an organization. The work of designing, delivering and following up on state-of-the-art facilitation, training, coaching and development to each of these groups is what Priority Learning does.

Why We Work As Organizational Development Consultants.

We work in Organizational Development (OD) so organizations can focus on strategy, objectives, barriers, and getting the day to day work done. There are three aspects of our work:

Product, which is the deliverable of business, such as a new chair off the assembly process or service to a customer in a teller line.

Process, which is the "how" of doing the work to serve customers, such as granting a loan, processing raw materials, and even billing.

People, which, of course, are the folks who do all the producing and processing above. We focus on what clients tell us is the most difficult of the aspects - people!

At Priority Learning we have the time, knowledge and resources to focus on the skills and behaviors that make people better, smarter, more willing and even more creative every day. What gets in the way of success is low morale and lack of personal satisfaction. We help people to realize their full potential to grow and learn and to find their willingness to risk and stretch personally. Add to this the ability to immediately implement learnings and you start to see why we do what we do.

How We Serve As Organizational Development Consultants.

We listen, watch and build. Organizations know their people; we ask the right questions and get the answers to help your business grow their natural resources - people. As a product of listening we can provide a variety of services:

  • Senior leadership development
  • Specialized training for customer service professionals
  • Coaching individuals for performance change and engagement
  • Personalized training and development for people at all levels in the organization
  • Team dynamics enhancement
  • Skills building for all contributors
  • Cultural change for the organization
  • Succession planning at all levels
  • Talent assessment
  • Identifying people of potential and subsequent growth planning
  • Enhancement and development of performance management systems
  • Organizational change initiatives

We are easy to contact and have a simple process to get started. People tell us it is so easy to begin any of our processes. Some may assume that what we do as organizational developers is complicated and expensive, yet it is neither. Call or e-mail us to start the conversation. It will not cost a penny to talk to us and we can ask the right questions to see if we are a good fit for what you need. Thank you for visiting our website!

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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