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Workshop Series Dates

Direct Manager Series

Starting: Tuesday, August 29th 2017
This series is intended for front line leaders either new or experienced and will focus on the key skills and essential behaviors for the front line leader.
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Upcoming dates

  • Tuesday August 29th 2017
  • Tuesday September 19th 2017
  • Tuesday October 17th 2017
  • Tuesday November 7th 2017
  • Tuesday November 28th 2017
  • Tuesday December 19th 2017
  • Tuesday January 9th 2018

Performance Coaching

Starting: Thursday, September 7th 2017
Learn how to manage your performance as a way to become a more effective leader.
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Upcoming dates

  • Thursday September 7th 2017
  • Thursday September 28th 2017
  • Thursday October 19th 2017
  • Thursday November 9th 2017
  • Thursday November 30th 2017
  • Wednesday December 20th 2017
  • Thursday January 11th 2018

Influence Leader Series

Starting: Thursday, October 5th 2017
Seven-part series for people beyond the front line supervisor's role.
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Upcoming dates

  • Thursday October 5th 2017
  • Tuesday October 31st 2017
  • Tuesday November 14th 2017
  • Wednesday December 6th 2017
  • Wednesday January 3rd 2018
  • Wednesday January 24th 2018
  • Tuesday February 13th 2018

Facilitators and Leaders Series

Starting: Thursday, October 26th 2017
For all those people who want to polish their presentation, training, facilitation and learning transfer skills.
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Upcoming dates

  • Thursday October 26th 2017
  • Thursday November 16th 2017
  • Thursday December 7th 2017
  • Thursday January 4th 2018
  • Thursday January 25th 2018
  • Thursday February 15th 2018
  • Thursday March 8th 2018
  • Thursday March 29th 2018

See Complete List of Dates

    See Complete List of Dates

    Executive Series

    Starting: Friday, November 17th 2017
    Seven-part series for people in elevated positions of responsibility.
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    Upcoming dates

    • Friday November 17th 2017
    • Friday December 8th 2017
    • Friday January 12th 2018
    • Friday February 2nd 2018
    • Friday February 23rd 2018
    • Friday March 16th 2018
    • Friday April 6th 2018

    Associate Series

    Starting: Wednesday, January 10th 2018
    Seven-part series for people of potential and associates at all levels.
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    Upcoming dates

    • Wednesday January 10th 2018
    • Wednesday January 31st 2018
    • Wednesday February 21st 2018
    • Wednesday March 14th 2018
    • Wednesday April 4th 2018
    • Wednesday April 25th 2018
    • Wednesday May 16th 2018

    Women's Leadership Series

    Starting: Friday, January 26th 2018
    Our Women's Leadership Series is designed for current or aspiring female leaders seeking progressive approaches to boosting self-confidence, influencing at all organizational levels, living a more balanced life, and inspiring other women to do the same.
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    Upcoming dates

    • Friday January 26th 2018

    Innovation Series

    Starting: Wednesday, February 14th 2018
    This series is intended for leaders who want to help their organizations come up with bold new ideas through innovation.
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    Upcoming dates

    • Wednesday February 14th 2018
    • Tuesday July 11th 2017
    • Tuesday April 3rd 2018
    • Tuesday April 24th 2018
    • Tuesday May 15th 2018
    • Tuesday May 29th 2018
    • Tuesday June 19th 2018

    • The Learning Zone

      The Learning Zone

      Learning and change seem to happen outside of the comfort zone. When we are stuck, and restless, and bored, maybe that’s the answer.

    • Empowerment - the Next Steps

      Empowerment - the Next Steps

      Next steps in Empowerment. Last month I wrote about the prerequisites for empowerment, and promised that I would continue the conversation.

    • Empowerment:  What does it really take to empower others?

      Empowerment: What does it really take to empower others?

      Empowerment – what it means, and how to go about implementing empowerment at the leadership, team, and ultimately the organizational level.

    • Everybody is so nice

      Everybody is so nice

      Meet Josh, he's been a camper at Pine Tree Camp for 20 years.

    • The Cultural Equation

      The Cultural Equation

      In organizational culture, when one and one equals three, the magic produces both measurable and immeasurable results.

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    CARE Initiative

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    The word \"Empowerment\" has been, in our experience, a little tough to implement in some organizations. Which of the following best describes “Empowerment” at your organization…

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