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"I had the privilege of participating in Priority Learning's first Executive Series. What an incredible experience! The opportunity to share ideas with and learn from the experiences of other C-Level executives in completely different fields than mine was invaluable. I gained a deeper understanding of my capacity as a leader, new perspectives on how to be a more effective leader, tools for managing teams and strategies for advancing my organization. Ralph is a dynamic and engaging facilitator, keenly sensitive to when to let participants dictate the rhythm and direction of the conversation and when to re-focus us"
Lauren Dietlin, COO
Maine Women's Fund

  • The Learning Zone

    The Learning Zone

    Learning and change seem to happen outside of the comfort zone. When we are stuck, and restless, and bored, maybe that’s the answer.

  • Empowerment - the Next Steps

    Empowerment - the Next Steps

    Next steps in Empowerment. Last month I wrote about the prerequisites for empowerment, and promised that I would continue the conversation.

  • Empowerment:  What does it really take to empower others?

    Empowerment: What does it really take to empower others?

    Empowerment – what it means, and how to go about implementing empowerment at the leadership, team, and ultimately the organizational level.

  • Everybody is so nice

    Everybody is so nice

    Meet Josh, he's been a camper at Pine Tree Camp for 20 years.

  • The Cultural Equation

    The Cultural Equation

    In organizational culture, when one and one equals three, the magic produces both measurable and immeasurable results.

Priority Learning CARE initiative
CARE Initiative

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The word \"Empowerment\" has been, in our experience, a little tough to implement in some organizations. Which of the following best describes “Empowerment” at your organization…

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